This information has been updated and relocated from the ICAO Flight Safety Information Exchange (FSIX) website. You can use the search box to find a State and then compare the result of its last USOAP CMA activity with the global average or any other State on the list. The Effective Implementation (EI) of each Audit Area is rated from 0% to 100%, with 0% being "Not Implemented" and 100% being "Fully Implemented". The EI score represents the percentage of satisfactory USOAP protocol questions applicable for a given State.

For developers, the EI scores can also be accessed via the iSTARS API Data Service.


Please note: A significant safety concern (SSC) does not necessarily indicate a particular safety deficiency in the air navigation service providers, airlines (air operators), aircraft or aerodrome; but, rather, indicates that the State is not providing sufficient safety oversight to ensure the effective implementation of applicable ICAO Standards. Full technical details of the ICAO findings have been made available to the State to guide rectification, as well as to all ICAO Member States to facilitate any actions that they may consider necessary to ensure safety. The State has undertaken to regularly report progress on this matter to ICAO. Read more


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