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ICAO launches new centralized online information area for aircraft tracking developments.

ICAO Programme for Aviation Volunteers (IPAV)
ICAO’s new volunteer programme engages skilled aviation professionals to provide short-term, voluntary assistance to States

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  • Secretary General Raises General Aviation Issues at IAOPA Event
  • Secretary General conducts high level meetings in South Africa
  • Equatorial Guinea’s President receives ICAO Secretary General
  • President highlights Africa security and facilitation priorities
  • ICAO SG: Civil aviation crucial to global sustainable development
  • Interactive Safety Audit Results
Secretary General Raises General Aviation Issues at IAOPA Event

ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu presents ICAO's viewpoints during a high-level panel session at the 2016 IAOPA World Assembly (Chicago, 21-21 July 2016). Highlighting the role of air transport as a crucial driver of economic, social and cultural development worldwide, Dr. Liu stressed the important contributions of general aviation (GA) to aviation's benefits. She addressed the current challenges that general aviation faces and commends the cooperation already in place between ICAO and the GA community. She calls for the community’s continued contributions through ICAO – both to the consensus-based determination of practical and effective Standards and Policies for aviation, and to the assistance in helping to assure those same Standards and Policies are effectively implemented.

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